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Shateria Swanson is a native of Chattanooga Tennessee. She is an author, entrepreneur and natural born creative creator. She is married to national recording artist Eddie Jaymes. Shateria's genuine love for creating and brand building caused her to launch Simply Shateria, which is an extension of the Swanson Global Marketing Firm that she and her husband started together. 

With the passion and anointing for graphic design, she serves her place of worship and church home Pneuma Church in the Social Media and Marketing ministries.

She enjoys traveling, cooking, being with family and close friends & of course being creative!


What makes you happy?

Family and Food!

Why is the name of your business Simply Shateria?

I named my business Simply Shateria because with every creation, I want to give a product that I'm proud to say I did! Nothing more, nothing left! Every project exudes and represents the essence of me. It's Simply... Shateria.

Why graphic design?

It came easy to me! People started coming to me about designing different things and it just stuck! I love all the technicalities of graphic design! I also love that graphic design helps in creating memories whether it's for an event or a business!

What’s your purpose in life?

I can honestly say that helping people is my purpose. I get so excited when I'm able to help someone bring their vision to life! In serving and helping, I also find that I find ease & get joy in leading.

Who are you?

I am a proud black woman that is creative, giving, and girly. My favorite colors are blush and rose gold. I love black and white stripes and can't stand when things are out of place. I have overcome a lot in my life and will always keep pushing until I get what I want.

What are your goals for Simply Shateria?

My goals for Simply Shateria are:

- to own an office space with a business incubator for other small startup businesses

- to have interns, employees and own an actual headquarters consisting of freestanding property

- to develop my own curriculums for women in business, Christian entrepreneurs and teen girls total life prosperity

- to be a sought-after traveling motivational public speaker 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself completely self-employed with Simply Shateria and with investment properties. With personal life, I see myself having two kids still happily married to my husband, Eddie Jaymes. 

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